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Why Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software is specially developed keeping in mind the need of process various aspects in running a any smooth business. you can control inventory operations, optimize the use of inventory level and improve the visibility of your entire inventory at anywhere anytime. it also helps in billing and creating invoices. 

Sales Management

Sales Management System will streamline sales order entry, manage customer information, pricing and invoicing. This system will help in delivering high levels of capability to sales and distribution operation

Purchase Management

Purchase Management system will streamline the procurement process both centrally and dispersed providing control and delivering cost savings. It will maximise expenditure control and supplier effectiveness.

Stock Maintenance

Stock management is an important aspect that assures you have right amount of goods in place and eradicates unnecessary investment in purchasing of products not in demand. This even ensures that your store of products.

Transaction Details.

To help you manage the complex recording and accounting functions that are involved in maintaining an up-to-date inventory, you might need to record inventory movement between vendor/customer.

desidesign technologies

Completed Apps

Benefits of this Software

Billing is specifically software designed to provide support to Individual or Chain Business like Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, ERP, Accounting and Payroll

redesigned Front Dashboard

Completely redesigned Front Dashboard which has overview of your invoices and accounts.

Multi companies support

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Multi Currency Support

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Client profile page

Dedicated client profile page for every client which displays overview

Custom Email Templates

Option to create Custom Email Templates according to your company branding.

personalize your invoice

New settings page that provides options to personalize your invoice application easily.

manage Quotations

User can easily create and manage Quotations.

edit and send Quotations

Multi language Support

Automatically add new product

To the inventory when creating invoice, if the product is not already added.

Inventory Management System

To keep track of your products

duplicate invoice

Automatically detects the duplicate line

simple & user-friendly

Ability to create invoices with simple user-friendly invoice builder.

save time

save plenty of your time

Instant preview

Get Instant preview of your Invoice

PDF generation & Download

Download PDF invoices instantly

Option to add watermark

watermark to the invoice

Multi language Support

This software support a multi language

Automatic account maintain

Vendor account update automatically

Deliver market-defining high-quality solutions

Our Services focus on reaching your target audience & thus retaining your customers.Our wide range of services makes sure to approach your target audience in the best possible manner

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Frequently Ask Questions

Powerful online billing and invoicing platform for small-to-medium size businesses and freelancers.

How much does a billing service cost??

We are a competitively priced software solution that will substantially increase your efficiency.

Can I add my company’s logo to the invoices?

Yes, you can and it is very easy. You can upload it as such in the Company details form! But that’s not all: you can also add extra text in the Additional Details section and that will also be added to the printed documents.

How to add a New Tax or tax group ?

There are multiple tax options available (single, multi tax, combined tax, CESS etc), including dedicated Service Tax support.

Can I apply multiple taxes to the same product?

To apply multiple taxes on the same product, these need to be bundled into a "Tax Group". The added taxes will each apply to the Product Amount, unless you select "Apply Tax2 after Tax1". All taxes will be listed separately on the final invoice. The name of the tax group is only for your refference. The printed document will only list the taxes added to the group.

How to make an invoice from a quotation or estimate?

Once you issue an Estimate or a Quotation, you can easily turn into an invoice by going to the Dashboard and then then following these steps:
1. Go to the Quotations tab, by clicking the "Quotations" link on the Dashboard, located under Reports.
2.Here you see a list with all issued documents of this type. As per the screenshot to the right, all you have to do is click on the icon in the corresponding "Action" menu - the icon with a "+".
3.The invoice editor will be opened with the quotation data preset.
Make any modifications you want and then all you have to do is click "Preview Invoice" and then "Save".

How do I use the invoice software for more than one company?

If you own more than one company you can use our billing software solution to easily issue invoices. All you need to do is install our billing software and set up a profile for each company you have. You can easily switch between the two company profiles and issue documents without having to exit the program.