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Inventory Management ERP POS

Ultimate Inventory (POS) system
helps the small, medium-size company to manage inventory, pricing payments and more!

Ultimate Inventory point of sale (POS) is an absolute point of sale and inventory management application that facilitate time-consuming tasks like inventory and staff management, so you can focus on taking care of your customers and growing your business

Simple, Comprehensive Inventory Management ERP with Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Execute one of our cost-effective, easy-to-use POS Software Systems for Small & Medium size Business

POS Ssystem

POS System

Vendor Panel

Multiple User

Transaction Panel

Multiple Language

Sales Panel

Multiple Payment

Ultimate Inventory point of sale (POS) application is suitable for RETAIL, WHOLESALE, FOOTWEAR, APPAREL,MANUFACTURER, EXPORTER, IMPORTERS, TRADERS and retailers. which helps startups, small, medium to large businesses with POS and invoicing. Key features include sale, purchase & stock adjustments, tax calculation, GSTR1 & GSTR2 reports, message and email notifications, inventory, order management, and many more...

Ordinary Ultimate Inventory point of sale (POS) Software Features

Ultimate Inventory point of sale (POS) is cloud-based POS solution. The software offers users to manage customers, sale, purchase, stock & transactions, POS system, GST/TAX invoicing multiple payment options.
Real Time Inventory

Real-time inventory control and reporting.

Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximise control. Understand your product margins and make better decisions based on real-time, accurate profit reporting.

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Inventory Management ERP Software- Available on Web & Windows Based

Accuracy Issues

An additional benefit of using a computerized inventory system is the accuracy it ensures

Timely Data

As the old saying goes, time is money, The amount of time that can be saved by a business

Risk of Fraud

Any computerized system carries the risk of intrusion, and with a computerized inventory management system comes the risk of fraud as well.

Documentation Generation

Once the computerized inventory management system is in place, owner and staff can use it to automatically generate all kinds of documentsa

Inventory Management ERP Software

Why automate inventory management function?

An inventory management system automates the inventory update, replenishment, sale orders, deliveries, and returns to provide an exact stock position.

Maintaining a delicate balance of stock and stock reordering is an art and extremely business-critical. Extra stock in the warehouse than required, increases your storage costs, carrying costs and run the risk of holding an old stock. On the contrary, if you have less stock in the warehouse than required, you will lose orders, credibility and revenue.

Why Inventory
Centralized Inventory

Centralized Inventory

The inventory levels and stock-outs are significant to track your sales, stock and revenue proportion and forecast apt plan for the markets. The centralized inventory management system of Unicommerce updates all the inventory from online, offline and warehouses in real-time. Any stock out is tracked immediately and simultaneously inventory is updated across multiple channels. An automatic stock synchronisation ensures accurate stock visibility and helps improve the sales and controls order cancellations.

Easy stock rotation

Easy stock rotation

Loss of freshness in the stock, old stock, damage, holding the cost of dead or unmoving stock are some of the challenges a multichannel retailer faces.

Our inventory system addresses such challenges and allows defining of criteria and priorities to ensure regular stock rotation. You get flexibility and control, both, with Uniware to manage your inventory. You can choose system initiated Auto-Inventory Sync or Manual inventory adjustments.

Vendor management

Vendor management

For most of the parts, you need not manually update the stock, purchase orders and prices yourself. At absolutely no additional cost, you can give your.

vendors limited access to your system, wherein they can access their inventories, update the stock level and prices, track new and pending purchase orders. Half of your job can be delegated!

Warehouse inventory management

Warehouse inventory management

The moment a product is added or removed from the warehouse, Uniware immediately bring current stock count across multi-channels and locations.

The right quantity of inventory helps utilise warehouse space more optimally. Set of orders can be located and dispatched with the smooth and systematic accessibility of the available stock in the warehouse.

Ultimate Inventory point of sale (POS) is cloud-based inventory management along with point of sale (POS) system developed to help startups, small and medium-sized businesses to automate their processes.

Online inventory management system is an imperative component to a small, medium as well as large business; successful operation. By having up-to-date data regarding all needed process, like sale, purchase, vendor, customer, stock, transaction, debit & credit note etc.


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Option to create Custom Email Templates according to your company branding.


Ability to create invoices with simple user-friendly invoice builder.


Dedicated client profile page for every client which displays overview


New settings page that provides options to personalize your invoice application easily.

What do we bring to your business?

The POS provide support to Individual or Chain Business like Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, ERP, Accounting and Payroll

Quick and Inexpensive Implementation

Zero infrastructure set-up cost and No upfront payments. Get the cloud-based solution ready in 2-3 weeks, on monthly billing.

No stock outs ensure Sales Growth

Our solution improves inventory visibility and accuracy controlling stock outs. The process boosts sales with higher margins.

GST Ready

GST enabled solution lets you add GSTIN, HSN codes, and GST Tax Types. Uniware has inbuilt GST invoice templates and integrates with current accounting ERPs.

Follows Best Industry Practices

The software solution compliments the best practices followed across industries and constantly upgrades its usability.

Reduced Manpower Cost

Fully automated operations software enhances work quality and reduces turnaround time and labour cost.

Happy Customers

Provide excellent shopping experience to your customers with a personal touch. Ensure highly satisfied and repetitive customers.

Capitalise on Business Information

Generation of periodical data lets the businesses be flexible with their processes and adapt to the market conditions quickly.

Prompt Deliveries

Effectual process automation and workflow optimisationguarantee on-time shipments regularly.

Unification with existing ERPs

The solution seamlessly integrates with the current sales, accounting and all other ERPs your business is using. There won’t be any speed breakers in your business operations.


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